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Ice Hockey Betting at Rivalo

Ice Hockey betting
Get the best Ice Hockey odds
Betting on Ice Hockey at Rivalo gives you an odd man rush every time! Unlike other online Ice Hockey betting sites, Rivalo offers the most competitive online NHL betting and the best betting odds on the Stanley Cup as well as the top European Leagues; the Czech Extraliga, the German Bundesliga, the East European Kontinental and the Swedish Elitserien.

ice hockey betting

Rivalo offers live Ice Hockey betting odds and great NHL betting tips giving you everything you need to be a major online NHL betting playmaker!

ice hockey betting

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ice hockey betting

The Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup Finals, with their best-of-7 game format making Live betting on Ice Hockey much more fun, brings the online NHL season to an exciting point in its schedule making some games much more important than others depending on previous results.

Betting on Ice Hockey at this point in the Stanley Cup Finals means that winning or losing big money could all depend on knowing which team goes into the Finals on top form! So why not ‘face-off’ and bet on Ice Hockey with Rivalo, the power player of online Ice Hockey betting sites? Make your Ice Hockey bet with us the ‘coolest’ anywhere online!

Ice Hockey Betting On Mobile

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How to get the most from Ice Hockey Betting at Rivalo
Worldwide, the sport of ice hockey is perhaps best known for the elite battles in North America both in the NHL and on an international scale. Rivalry between nations also crosses over into the Olympics and the wider international arena but in general it is extremely popular in Europe and other parts of the globe.

The potential to enjoy ice hockey betting has also increased with so many more games being scheduled across the planet.

Are you a fan of hardcore ice hockey action? Do you like backing a game every now and then? Then this one is for you: At bwin, weve got ice hockey bets on NHL (including playoffs and the Stanley Cup), NCAA (College), IIHF World Championships, the Olympic Games and all European leagues (DEL, Super League). Place your bets on 3-way, 1/3, spreads and goals!

Choices in the ice hockey betting markets
Ice Hockey betting is so popular that you can often find more than 70 different markets, depending on the magnitude of the game and the two teams battling it out. The simplest bet is the same here as it is for most sports with the result options offering you a win for either team in regular time or a draw.

You can then extend that particular bet to overtime and a penalty shoot out although prices will decrease a little for this punt.

Among the side markets, total goals is a busy option across our sites with lines set at various levels starting from 2.5. Handicap bets and correct score are further side bets that can be accessed for the majority of the bigger ice hockey matches.


Why should you consider ice hockey betting?
If you’re a regular punter in the ice hockey betting markets then you’ll already know how exciting they can be with fast paced action out on the rink to match. Even if you haven’t followed the sport all that closely, chances are that you will be aware of classic encounters from Olympics past between USA, Canada and their counterparts from Eastern Europe.

That classic action extends to domestic cups and leagues from around the world and as a spectator sport, it provides thrilling entertainment. To enhance that entertainment, a wager in the ice hockey betting markets is available and there is greater choice here than many sports, making it a good option for adding to your staking strategy.

How to bet on ice hockey: The basics of ice hockey betting
How to bet on ice hockey: The rules of the sport explained
Understanding the basics of ice hockey betting
What statistics are useful to research for ice hockey betting?
How to bet on ice hockey: The basics of ice hockey betting
Ice hockey betting is widespread across North America and Europe and is especially popular when it comes to the NHL and KHL, with big international tournaments taking place regularly. Continue reading to learn how to bet on ice hockey and identify value in ice hockey betting markets.

How to bet on ice hockey: Understanding team set-up
The first step of learning how to bet on ice hockey is understanding how the sport works. Like soccer, basketball and other team sports, the ultimate objective of the game is to outscore the opposing team. There are two teams in an ice hockey match, containing six players each – five skaters and one goaltender.

The typical roster size of an ice hockey squad is 20 players. The high number within a roster is due to the physical nature of the game, despite being a sport needing just six players. Ice hockey involves plenty of high-contact scenarios and, subsequently, each team is allowed an unlimited amount of substitutions during a match.

In addition to the goaltender, an ice hockey team will be made up of two defencemen and three forwards. There is both a left defenceman and right defenceman. The three forward positions are left wing, centre and right wing.

Ice hockey betting: How is the game settled?
Ice hockey matches in regulation time (matches that do not go into overtime after ending in a tie) are divided into three 20-minute periods. Unlike in traditional soccer leagues, league matches in ice hockey can go into overtime and cannot be tied once a winner in overtime is scored. A tie at the end of overtime ends in a shootout.

There are two teams in an ice hockey match, containing six players each – five skaters and one goaltender.
A shootout involves a team’s skater facing the opposing goaltender in a one-on-one. If they score, they earn a point, with each team getting three shooters. The team with the most goals after three penalties each will win the game – or the shootout will go to sudden death (the first team to score and then see their opponent miss wins).

Ice hockey betting – Available markets
Rivalo offers the following markets on ice hockey betting:

Money Line

Just like in baseball betting or NFL betting, the Money Line in ice hockey refers to betting on who will win the match.


Handicap betting is offered when one ice hockey team is heavily favoured against another. To even things out, the bookmaker will offer a handicap on the number of goals in the winning margin.

For example, if one team has a handicap of -1, a bet on them will only be successful if they win by more than one goal. Betting on the opposing team at +1 will win you the bet if that team wins or if the match ends in a draw.

Total Goals

Similarly to other team sports such as soccer and handball, ice hockey is decided by goals. As such, one can bet on whether the total amount of goals in a match will be above or below a specific figure pitched by the bookmaker e.g. 4.5.

Total Goals (Overtime betting)

Due to the possibility of overtime in ice hockey, Rivalo also offer a Totals market including overtime. In this instance, a bettor would receive less-favourable odds for the same over 4.5 bet but would still win both in regulation time and if there was overtime.

Ice hockey betting – The different competitions
An important part of learning how to bet on ice hockey is knowing which competitions are available and when those competitions take place. The biggest competitions in the sport are the NHL (National Hockey League), based in the United States and Canada, and the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League), based in Belarus, China, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia and Slovakia.

Unlike in traditional soccer leagues, league matches in ice hockey can go into overtime and cannot be tied once a winner is scored. A tie at the end of overtime ends in a shootout.
There is also international ice hockey, with the IIHF World Championships held annually and Winter Olympics every four years. The NHL starts in October, running through until June of the following year. The best teams in the regular season qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs, where an overall winner is determined in a knockout format.

The KHL follows a similar structure. For the 2017/18 season, the KHL began at the end of August and will end its first stage at the beginning of March. The playoffs then take place from March until April. Other prominent leagues include the SHL (Swedish Hockey League) and AHL (American Hockey League).

How to bet on ice hockey – Betting Strategy
Ice hockey betting is most popular in countries where the sport has flourished, such as Canada and nations in Northern and Eastern Europe. Statistical research is a good place to start when trying to get an edge over the bookmaker, while using a staking method will help bettors optimise any edge they have.

Read: NHL Betting Strategy.
As with many sports, one factor that needs to be considered when learning how to bet on ice hockey is home advantage. Certain teams will be stronger at home and strengths can be accentuated in a sport like ice hockey, as teams travel long distances to play and the fans are notorious for having an impact when it comes to creating atmosphere.

The biggest competitions in the sport are the NHL (National Hockey League), based in the United States and Canada, and the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League)
In terms of individual positions, it is worth studying the quality of a team’s goaltender. Although ice hockey is a team sport, the goaltender is a position of huge importance. Tactically, meanwhile, those interested in live ice hockey betting may want to examine a coach’s ‘line changes,’ when defensive pairings or the offensive trio are changed in response to opposition tactics.

Finally, those looking to find value in totals markets may choose to utilise goals-per-game statistics. Upon conducting research, bettors may find that goals-per-game stats in the NHL are relatively consistent. This provides opportunities to capitalise on an outlying team that is particularly high or low scoring.

Now that you know how to bet on ice hockey, take advantage of the best ice hockey odds online at Rivalo.

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