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How do I register as an Rivalo Affiliate?

Click on the 'Register' button on the the home page of our affiliate programme and complete the registration form on the following page in full. Within 48 hours of having read and accepted our general terms and conditions of business you will receive an email with a link to activate your affiliate account.

Are there costs associated with participating in Rivalo's affiliate programme?

No, there are no costs associated with participating in the Rivalo affiliate programme and it is free for you.

Can I register with several websites?

Yes, of course. You are able to add, edit or delete websites at any time under 'Pages Administration' in the menu. You can add as many websites as you want to your affiliate account.

How much is my commission?

Each of our affiliates receives 20% of the monthly net revenue from Rivalo customers recruited by them. In this way there are no negative carry-overs, i.e. if the net income is negative at the end of the month, you start the beginning of the next month at 0. In addition we guarantee a quarterly bonus of up to 30%. You can find more information regarding the quarterly bonus under 'How is my quarterly bonus calculated?'. You will also find an exact definition of net income in our general terms and conditions of business.

How is my quarterly bonus calculated?

The quarterly bonus of up to 30% is awarded on the monthly net incomes obtained in the quarter. Commission payments already received for this period are deducted. I.e. quarterly bonus = total of the monthly net incomes x 30% - commission paid in the same period. Both examples below show two sample calculations for the quarterly bonus:

Affiliate A:
Net income in January: €2,000.00; commission in January: €2,000.00 x 20% = €400.00
Net income in February: €4,000.00; commission in February: €4,000.00 x 20% = €800.00
Net income in March €2.000,00; Commission in March: €2,000.00 x 20% = €400.00
Quarterly bonus for Q1: €8,000.00 x 30% - €1,600.00 = €800.00
In this example the commission rate paid over the quarter is 30% (€2,400.00 / 8,000.00 x 100 = 30%).
Affiliate B:
Net income in January: €12,000.00; commission in January: €12,000.00 x 20% = €2,400.00
Net income in February: -€4,000.00; commission in February: -€4,000.00 x 20% = €0.00
Net income in March €12.000,00; Commission in March: €12,000.00 x 20% = €2,400.00
Quarterly bonus for Q1: €20,000.00 x 30% - €4,800.00 = €1,200.00
In this example the commission rate paid over the quarter is also 30% (€6,000.00 / €20,000.00 x 100 = 30%).

For which Rivalo products do I receive commission?

It involves all net income for customers you recruit for Rivalo. If you recruit a customer for Rivalo's sports betting product, you also receive commission for income subsequently obtained by the customer in Rivalo's casino. In this way your commission relates to the monthly (total) net income for all products currently offered by Rivalo.

Is there a minimum amount for commission payments?

No, there is no minimum amount for commission payments. However commission up to €20.00 is forfeited.

In what ways can I be paid out?

The special feature of Rivalo's affiliate programme is that your affiliate account is run like a customer account and as a result you have access to all methods of payment available to our customers. Just scroll down to the footer below and click on 'Methods of Payment'. On the following page you will find all current methods for paying in and out accepted by Rivalo as well as the applicable conditions. By the way: if you are an avid sports gambler yourself you can also of course use your commission for betting at

What statistics are available to me as an affiliate?

Under 'Monthly Overview' in the menu you will find all relevant statistics such as clicks, new registrations, new depositors, deposits and income. In addition you receive detailed statistics for the sports betting and casino areas as well as accumulated payments for all Rivalo products under 'Invoicing'. Note: Clicks are shown in our statistics as Unique Clicks. Therefore where a user clicks on five different items of advertising material on your website in one session, only one click is shown in the statistics.

How often are the statistics updated?

A further special feature of our affiliate programme is that all data is generated in real-time, therefore the statistics are updated live. So you are always up to date. Note: The 'Write-offs' point in the monthly overview is not updated in real time as this contains charge-backs that do not appear until later.

Unfortunately I cannot find the banner size I want for my website. What now?

Under 'Links and Banners' in the menu you will find a large selection of popular banner formats - for using on both traditional and mobile internet. We are also striving to continually expand our range of banners. Should the banner format you want not be available, you can also contact our affiliate team with the format you want at We will try to create the banner you want.

How do I include banners and text links into my website?

Click on 'Links and Banners' in the menu, select the banner or text link you want on the following page, copy the code shown under the advertising material and place it on your website where desired.

How does tracking work?

Every website you include in Rivalo's affiliate programme is allocated a unique affiliate ID. In addition, the code for banners and text links also contains a banner ID. After you have included the code for an item of advertising material on your website and the advertising material is correctly displayed, every visitor clicking on this advertising material will be attributed to you. The cookie period runs for 30 days, i.e. every visitor clicking on a Rivalo banner or text link on your website who registers with Rivalo within 30 days is credited to you.

May I use Rivalo's logo on my website?

Yes, you may use our name and Rivalo's logo on your website. However the logos or banners may not be redesigned. Where you are unclear about your rights regarding using and amending the material on your website, please contact us. We are happy to help you further.

Where can I amend my personal details?

Under 'Personal Details' in the menu you can change your personal details at any time. In the 'My Account' area you can view account movements such as commission credited, payouts made or bets placed. You can add, edit and delete websites under 'Pages Administration' in the menu.
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